Each hat, a silent companion, is more than just an accessory; it's a witness that soars above the world, mirroring our journeys, feeling without judgment. What if it could transcend its silent role, becoming a communicator within and without? These hatpins, as vessels for pencils, poems, and connections when words falter, serve as bridges to unite our thoughts with the pulse of the collective zeitgeist. Beyond mere adornments, these pieces elevate headwear into a realm of shared expression and profound understanding, where every hat tells a story, and every pin connects hearts and minds.


 interactive installation

Close your eyes. Listen playfully your mind and soul.
Can you hear what your inner voice longs for?
Is there anything, anyone, anywhere, any phase or state of mind that it really really desires?
If it does, it proves that you are still breathing, you are still alive.

Now Listen even more intimately... can you hear your wishes? If you can, then try to feel them. Believe them. They are the most hopeful pieces of existence that one can ever hold.

Wish Station is a reminder of this valuable treasure. It is a joyful celebration of hope.
Become one with the inner aspiration by typing your wish word by word.

Let the sound from the typewriter sink deep into your heart. Put it inside an honest, translucent glass bottle and let the wish satellites send its frequency all over the universe.


 humans hunting shadows..

In our unrelenting quest to conquer the unknown and unravel the unfamiliar, we often overlook a fundamental truth. As we strive to make sense of everything, we fail to recognize that our perceived control extends only to some realms, while in the vast expanse of the universe, we are but small specks of dust. This piece invites you to contemplate the paradox of human existence – the ceaseless yearning for control in a universe beyond our comprehension, exploring the tension between our desire to command the world and the humbling realization of our inherent smallness. Are we truly in control, or do we dance to the mysterious rhythms of the cosmos, forever seeking our place within it?