I will build a boat,
I will cast it in the water,
I will sail away from this strange land,
Where no one in the grove of love,
awakens the heros.

A boat void of nets,
And a heart void of longing for pearls
I will continue to sail.
Neither will I lose my heart to things that are blue
Nor to the mermaids emerging from the sand
That cast seduction from their locks
On the illuminated solitude of the fishermen.

I will continue to sail.
I will continue to sing:
"One must go faraway, faraway."

The man of that city had no myths
The woman of that city was not brimful like a cluster of grapes.
No hall of mirrors reprised raptures.
A puddle of water did not even reflect the light from a torch.

One must go faraway, faraway.

-Sohrab Sepehri-


Music by Mona Matbou Riahi