I am not just a person.
Inside me there live a few trees covered with algae,
a waterfall,
two snowy hilltops,
a polar bear,
an eagle,
a sleepy frog,
a humble horse,
an old but strong spider,
a truly green snake,
and a wild and playful house cat.
They converse with me and I smile at them in silence.

I smile at “me”, at us, at our being.
I smile at existence, at the passing body, at the rustlings of the mind’s autumn.

I am the woods,
the rain,
one hundred knuckles of wishes,
I am a thousand breaths of freedom.

I am love, a green growing love, of the same tint of the smell of turf.

I am pain, a subsiding candy-like pain. Those red, round, sour ones!

I am.
The existence is.
I am the existence.