The Lost Womb

I was lost
in my footsteps.

I could not

She was sitting
in the furthest corner
of my existence.

waiting for me
to hear.

The reclaiming pulse
that was oozing
out of my chest,

sat calmly
on my eyes.

“ I see you.”
I said.

All of a sudden
my red
started giving itself
to her green.

And I

“What is held
is precious,
what is let go
is sacred.”

A sound

When my childhood tree
shed her
hundred and tenth

fell carefully
on my ears.

All the bells
in my hometown
ran away
“the bird has arrived.”

He was
not a bird.

He was
my big bang.

Even though
I let him go
to play
hide and seek
with god.


She has
no name.

Her restless eyes
hold the seas.

than stars,
as a breeze.

She has
no name.

Her heart
is filled with stories
of doubts
and uncertainties.

She is not afraid.

She has
no name.

Her voice
has shaken

Has broken

She has given birth
to open hearts.

She has
no name.

She is a

A long

Can you hear her?

I am You

I breathe,
I feel pain.

Just like you.

I scream,
I turn,
I run away.

Just like you.

I sing,
I dance,
and I disappear.

Just like you.

I live inside you.
I gave birth to you.

I am here,
where you can not

I am here
for you.

I am now,
what you can not

I see it
for you.

Plunge into me
and we are both


I chewed
a poem.

Some words
in my throat.

were swallowed

And some
in my heart.


I am confused !!

Here and There

I was there,
losing my virginity
to the sounds
of separation.

Like a rock
rolling down
the mountain of lies,
yet so innocent.

The rain
purged away
my identity.

my home.

I stopped

I was there,
I was everywhere.

I was there,
and everywhere.

I was everywhere.

Home Within

I was not aware
of my existence,
until She called
for me.

She is cold,
in need of
a shelter.

Her voice
gives me
a purpose.

A strong sense
of being.

I can feel
my metal feet
rooting firmly
in the ground.

And my concrete body
shaping cautiously
to hold her

My glass eyes
are opening to let her
look at the world

My hard triangular head
is rising
not to let the rain
touch her beautiful hair.

She is cold,
in need of
A shelter.

Can you tell her
I am ready?


Straight down,
Right after you pass the heart,
And reach the stomach,

The moment you pause
to catch your breath
And rest your feet,

A fearful foreign forecast,
a strange sizzling sensation
surprises you by its regretful presence.

Reminds you of

All the roads
you don’t take.

All the love
you won’t wake.

All the goals
you don’t reach,

And all the gods
you won’t preach.

You adorn yourself
with the forgiveness
you inherited from the heart,

And the bravery
from the stomach,

And continue your way
towards the womb.

But you know that
As soon as you stop
to catch your breath
And rest your feet,

It will gulp you down,
And stir your doubts.

Tree of Life

My roots do not go back
to my family or my hometown.

They go back to the ground,
where the soil is not compressed.

Where there is space for every life
to breathe,
to breed,
to begin.

My roots are made of water
and fluid.

always moving
even in stillness.

My trunk is not thick
and singular.
It is a flexible collective of resilience.

Moving through,
and beyond life.

Not only growing upwards,
But in every direction.

My crown
does magic.

It digs underground
And bring souvenirs.

Appears suddenly,
and disappears slowly.
So slowly,
that is left unnoticed.

The clouds that call for me
are neither blue,
nor white.

They are yellow,
as yellow as apricots.

They move everywhere.

They expand.

They shrink.

They never end.

And just begin.


He said
he did not want to be in a relationship
with the devil
and slammed the door.

Who is the devil he was talking about?
Our beloved childhood villain?
Or love?

was standing tall in my throat
like a fish bone.

He reappeared in a glimpse.
With his arm around my neck.

Holding on tight
to his loss.

I moaned
his name in despair.

He shoved his fingers down my throat,
and stripped me of my burden.

I moaned again.

“ I love you.” I said.

He let go.
Receded from sight.
Disappeared wholly.

I opened my eyes.
He was there
laying down right next to me.
With his warm naked body
rubbing gently against mine.

We were so close

so intimate,

just a drop of sweat apart.

Intimate Encounter

You think you have met me for the first time.

But I have always been here.

Claiming every curl in your hair,
Waiting for your doubtful fingers
To run through it.

I have always been here.

Guiding every drop of sweat to drip down your arm pits and find their way to your breasts.

Yes, your breasts.
I know you secretly love them.

I have always been here.

Every time
You looked down
At the stretch marks on your thighs
To feed your insecurities,
I whispered the heroic stories
Of the lands they walked on
Into your ears.
And you fell in love with them again.

Have you ever wondered
About the buzzing sensation
That made you
Discover your vulva?

It was me !

I have always been here,
Rooted in your existence like a tree.

Take my lead.

I want to teach you how to dance.

I’m a great dancer,
you know !

Let go of the fear.
Let me dance through you.
Let us dance your soul into your body.

You see ?!!!

You have always been
A great dancer.

You have always been

You are HERE.


I believe I exist.
Through me,
through you,
through trees,
the wind,
and the glorious nightingale's
love song for the beloved.

I believe in life.
The life that we share
in our breath,
in our eyes,
in the soles of our feet,
in our hearts.

I believe in the soundful life
that overcomes
the isms and schisms
of our playful minds.

I believe in me.
I believe in you.
I believe in us.

I believe in everything.